Great 13/09/2018

Aaron really knows his job! I would recommend people I know to deal with him. He was organized had everything ready to go and we didn't have to waste any time.

-Ralf P-

Super awesome 10/09/2018

Not the usual pushy sales experience. Great people who actually care. Thanks to John Weiers and everyone who helped me lease my new Fit.

-Claire K-

100% perfect service 07/09/2018

I would definitely recommend going to Campus Honda. Eric was awesome. He knew every inch of the car. Answered every question I had and was very well informed on the car. I could not have asked for better service. You should give that man a raise!

-Christopher C-

Excellent 06/09/2018

Keegan went above and beyond even after he already had the sale when I came back the next day to sign the finance papers and had my daughter with me. He went over the whole car with her and kept her entertained.

-Alain S-

I have only good things to say about Campus sales and service employees 05/09/2018

My first Honda (a 2 year old Honda Accord) came from Campus (formerly Honda City), that my husband's Civic came from Campus and my new vehicle came from Campus. All service on my Accord was done at Campus (for the 12 years I had it)..... our family has been treated very well every time we are there, for regular maintenance and for extensive repairs (Accord). We had Olaf as our sales person when we bought our 2016 Civic turbo, and again with the purchase of our 2018 CR-V. Olaf has spent considerable time answering my questions so that when I made the final decision that the CR-V was the vehicle I wanted, I had absolutely no hesitation at all. We are not a family that usually spends that amount of money on one vehicle ....... a little scary for us. Olaf put our fears to rest.

-Sheila B-

Friendly and efficient service 05/09/2018

Excellent customer service and the quality and performance of my CRV is above my expectations. Friendly and efficient service and you even get a follow up call asking how you liked your new vehicle.

-Jason G-

Raff is the man! 05/09/2018

Very personalized experience. Above and beyond. Got the exact car I wanted. Not only did he steer me from another sale that I almost completed, he guided me to my current car as this is the exact right deal for me. Best sales person in recent memory. 

-Wei H-

The process was very smooth 05/09/2018

Rossario was waiting for us and greet us as soon as we arrived at Campus Honda. We were 1/2 hr before scheduled time, but we could start the car pickup process right away. The process was very smooth, all documentation was prepared ahead of time. Great product, very friendly and knowledgeable staff, no issues during purchasing process.

-Jacek P-

I love my new car 23/08/2018

I'd say you guys really listened to what I needed and delivered exactly what I wanted.

-Elizabeth S-

I would rate higher if I could 16/08/2018

Everyone there was great, no one was pushy and always gave thoughtful information. And they have a great coffee machine!

-Madison G-

Top notch. Couldn't have asked for better. 08/08/2018

I first met Bob McMillan in the parking lot, and he had a big smile and warm handshake. I was very impressed with the sales and service staff. Each was warm and professional. But most importantly, the quality of vehicles stand out from the rest of the market. I chose a 2018 CR-V EX model which has the 1.5 L Turbo engine and CVT transmission. It's blown me away so far. Amazing fuel efficiency and just enough pep to keep driving fun but safe. My family of 5 fits perfectly, and we all enjoy the many features. I chose Honda primarily because of overall value for my dollar, and the included safety features. Apple Carplay is a huge bonus, and I definitely recommend people to make sure they get it in any new vehicle purchase. The CRV has been awesome! I couldn't be happier, and I have shared my story with hundreds of friends already. It was in perfect condition, as expected. Bob even had a few stuffies for my kids and a Honda thermos for me to use in the car. Natalie was very friendly and helpful. Bob was great. He met all of my expectations and needs. Bob listened well and understood my priorities in a vehicle. 

-Andrew R-

Outstanding! 06/08/2018

The overall environment is welcoming and friendly, and that everyone there seems to love their job and their product. Nathalie was very knowledgeable and informative as we worked through the documentation. I would highly recommend Dave to any of my friends or family looking to purchase a new vehicle. He was warm, knowledgeable, and friendly, he subverted all the negative stereotypes of car salespeople. Dave knew exactly what fit my needs, he was stellar in our previous lease and that carried through to this one. Accurately and without reference he was able to refine my needs to give me options for vehicle selection.

-Joshua H-

Good people to do business with 02/08/2018

I was impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of the entire transaction. This was my first encounter with Campus Honda and I would highly recommend them to any of my friends purchasing a vehicle, particularly Raff Ng. They endeavour to serve and deliver the customers needs. Very professional and courteous.

-Margaret M-

Everyone was more then helpful, friendly and informative. 02/08/2018

Everyone greeted us warmly and we didn't feel pressured. Rick was very personable, really patient and funny. It was our first ever brand new car and Rick was a pleasure to deal with. He was able to answer all our Honda questions and shared a ton of information. He was very helpful and offered a wealth of information to help with our decisions. Rick was a very good at understanding what we were looking for. Even though it was a brand new vehicle they still detailed it before we drove away. It looked beautiful. Some people have commented that they've had the same great experience themselves.

-Steve H-

The experience was excellent 01/08/2018

The sales person was very helpful and knowledgeable.

-Liana V-

Second to none 31/07/2018

I would tell everyone that it is a wonderful dealership to work with. David and Natalie were fantastic to work with. The receptionist was also great to talk to and the sales manager was also extremely polite and helpful. David and Natalie ensured it was ready to go and it was in perfect condition. My wife and I love both vehicles. We only buy Hondas. Natalie was wonderful to work with. I truly appreciate her help. David is a top notch salesperson and I would certainly work with him again. I will certainly recommend him to my coworkers and friends. Please consider him as the best salesperson there. David was the best sales person I have ever worked with. He was extremely polite and well informed. I truly enjoyed working with him. In addition the finance officer Natalie was also fantastic to work with. Both are top notch workers.

-Stephen W-

Shopped 5 dealers in the city and Honda exceeded price and service by far. 30/07/2018

Such a great experience for my son with his first brand new purchase. John was great - very informative. Excellent.

-Cheryl B-

I would highly recommend Campus Honda. 30/07/2018

Very satisfied. I would highly recommend Campus Honda. Olaf could not have been more helpful. He has a pleasant manner, easy to talk to . At no time did I feel any discomfort ,or a seance of sales pressure.

-Irene H-

I'm hooked on Honda! 26/07/2018

This is my second purchase of a new Honda. I don't lie and I've never been unhappy with any work or the expense to maintain from Honda. Your cars have held value and I've never had problems. I've always done all maintenance at the dealership. 

-Tammy D-
A no pressure environment 25/07/2018

The staff at Campus Honda are very knowledgeable and understand what they customers needs are. It is a no pressure environment where you are welcome to look and ask questions. All personnel that I dealt with at the dealership were exceptionally courteous. The vehicle was fully detailed, cleaned and ready for delivery. Our salesman was very knowledgeable and fully understood what we were looking for in a vehicle. As it was my wife that was buying the vehicle, he dealt with her to ensure all her wants and needs were fulfilled. My dealings with Campus Honda were pleasurable right from the beginning.

-David P-
Very helpful and knowledgeable 24/07/2018

Everyone from the person at reception, the salesman, the documentation person, were very helpful and knowledgeable.   This is my second vehicle purchased at Campus Honda.  Have also dealt with the service department  and have always had a positive experience.

-Anna W-

I love my new car!! 16/07/2018

My experience at Campus Honda was fantastic! I was in there to buy my first car and the whole process was very smooth. My sales person, Bob McMillan was very helpful and made my first experience buying a car a really great one!

-Kaci W-

It was fantastic! 10/07/2018

Friendly and effective. Gord and Eric were complete gentlemen throughout my entire process.

-Raquel W-

Looking forward to dealing with him again. 07/09/2018

Looking forward to dealing with him again. Really is an excellent face for your company. 

Rosario was great. Listened to our story and knew exactly how to help us.

-Timothy P-

The service was fantastic 07/10/2018

The service was fantastic and I felt they were very easy to work with as far as accommodating budget/needs/wants. All explanations were very clear and concise. Absolutely thrilled with the new vehicle as well as the service I received!

-Adrian G-

Our experience was excellent 07/09/2018

Our experience really was excellent. When we walked in we were immediately greeted by a nice young lady at the front desk. We were offered a beverage while our salesman was paged. Great initial feeling. Excellent explanation by Eric as well as an offer to come by anytime if we had any other questions. His knowledge of the vehicle was impressive and he took the time to show and explain all the features. The sales manager also came out to see if we were happy or had any question. It had been quite a while since we purchased a new vehicle and they were quite helpful in letting us know what was required and explained the purchase documents in detail.Eric not only knew the vehicles well, he also took the time to understand us, our process and requirements. He was very professional and respectful thru the entire process. Just talk with Eric about Honda and he will impress with his knowledge of both the vehicles and the company. Eric took the time to understand what we were looking for in a vehicle. His insightful suggestions on vehicle and trim level helped us greatly with our eventual choice of vehicle. I have already told friends that if they are in the market for a vehicle it would be worth their while to include a look at Campus Honda. Already have my first two oil changes scheduled. Thanks again Eric. 

-Derek F-

Everyone was so helpful and accommodating 06/07/2018

Great experience. Raffy, my sales agent was very friendly and I like how he sells the car, the approach was calm and not pushy, making sure that I will buy the car that fits me and my budget. He follows up after the purchase and make sure that I am happy with my car and answers questions that i have in mind. Will totally recommend him to my family and friends. Great Job!

-Raissa C-

Great service from all 04/07/2018

Erik was especially awesome to deal with, even when I probably wasn't. Ended up buying a car that I never thought I would and haven't regretted it one bit. Thanks again!

-Brendan W-

I always highly recommend Campus Honda 02/07/2018

Mike smith was very knowledgeable and gave me info all through our dealings. We have purchased other Honda vehicles from him and have always found him to be friendly and professional. That's why we keep coming back to Campus Honda. Thank you Mike

-Sukbir J-

Our salesman was helpful, low pressure and honest 02/07/2018

Buying a new vehicle is sometimes very stressful, but it was a very pleasant experience dealing with Campus Honda. The new Honda Odyssey is a really nice mini-van. They did not have the colour I wanted in stock but ordered it for me. Our salesman was helpful, low pressure and honest and I really appreciated all of those things.

-Wendy M-

Very happy with purchase. 26/06/2018

Very knowledgeable personnel and excellent attention to customers. Very happy with purchase. Rick was outstanding in every way. Informed and personable.

-Scott H-

I would highly recommend considering them when purchasing a vehicle 25/06/2018

Everyone I dealt with was very friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend considering them when purchasing a vehicle. Olaf was extremely friendly and knowledgeable!

-Marissa R-

A great place to deal with 19/06/2018

Rosario is very knowledgeable about honda cars and very courteous. Very attentive sales person

-Lesley L-

Best salesperson we've ever worked with. 14/06/2018

The staff are friendly, personable, very knowledgeable, and not at all pushy. A stress free experience from beginning to end.  We've always purchased through Campus Honda and are always referring friends and family there. Customers for life. Very knowledgeable and patient. Best salesperson we've ever worked with. Everyone was so friendly but not overbearing or pushy.

-Bethan O-

Service is great 11/06/2018

Employees are professional, warm and welcoming.

-Alpha V-

Staff were consistently professional, friendly and non-pressuring. 08/06/2018

We highly recommend this dealership and the staff are exceptional! In fact, we were stopped in a parking lot by a stranger to ask how we liked the HRV and we suggested they get one and come to Campus because we had such a great experience. John was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the Honda product we were interested in. I will definitely recommend him (and the rest of the Honda team) to anyone interested in a new vehicle. 

-Troy H-

Great Service 04/07/2018

Great service from all and Erik was especially awesome to deal with, even when I probably wasn't. Ended up buying a car that I never thought I would and haven't regretted it one bit. Thanks again!

-Brendan W-

I always highly recommend Campus Honda 02/07/2018

I always recommend Honda. And my brother purchased his CRV at the same time as I did. Mike Smith was very knowledgeable and gave me info all through our dealings. We have purchased other Honda vehicles from him and have always found him to be friendly and professional. That's why we keep coming back to Campus Honda. Thank you Mike.

-Sukbir J-

Very pleasant experience dealing with Campus Honda 02/07/2018

Buying a new vehicle is sometimes very stressful, but it was a very pleasant experience dealing with Campus Honda. The new Honda Odyssey is a really nice mini-van. They did not have the colour I wanted in stock but ordered it for me. Our salesman was helpful, low pressure and honest and I really appreciated all of those things.

-Wendy M-

Great product and great sales service 05/07/2018

Thoroughly enjoyed my experience.  John was great.  Thank you.

-Celeste I-

My first dealership car purchase 26/04/2018

This was my first dealership car purchase ever.  I was treated with the best service and couldn't be happier with my decision to choose Campus Honda.  I'm very pleased this business is in my home city and will likely come back again should I need a new car within my lifetime, but given that Hondas last so long, I may not. ;)

-John F-

Second to none 24/03/2018

Igor is the perfect sales rep.  Knowledgeable, not pushy, friendly and conscientious

-Pia R-

The team at Campus Honda is excellent 21/03/2018

The team at Campus Honda is excellent. Everyone I came in contact with was helpful, respectful, and a true pleasure to deal with. This made my purchase a pleasant event

-Paul B-

Eric was honest throughout the whole process 21/03/2018

I liked Eric was honest throughout the whole process. He had a great understanding of what I was looking for did not try to sell me something I did not want. Also was not pushy on sales side of things I would recommend him to my friends an family.

-Dharminder H-

My civic is awesome 19/03/2018

My Civic is awesome, better gas mileage and reliability than my last car for sure, even has more features. Vehicle was clean and gassed up. Nathalie and Aaron were fantastic from day one. Aaron went the extra mile to make sure I had all the info I needed.

-Keegan R-

No feeling of sales pressure 19/03/2018
Staff were friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and accommodating.  No feeling of sales pressure. Salesman knew plenty about the products and knew how to get answers he didn't already have. He understood what we were looking for and provided several options to support our goals.

-Ian K-

Not just looking for the sale 15/03/2018

Everyone there is extremely helpful, friendly and not just looking for the sale, but actually putting the effort in to find a car that SUITS YOU. :)               

-Amy B-

Exceeded all expectations 15/03/2018

Both sales and service exceeded all expectations and the three Honda's have never failed leaving us without transportation. Only once in 17  years have we had a problem with a Honda part. Mike Smith sold us two Odyssey's and an Accord over our history with this dealership, so we are very satisfied with his attention to our needs.

-Alan T-

Entirely pleasant experience from beginning to end 12/03/2018

I would definitely recommend Keegan as a salesperson, and Campus Honda as a dealership in general.  There were no negative aspects in any part of the transaction. Entirely pleasant experience from beginning to end. Keegan had a big smile and was instantly friendly. Welcoming, but not pushy. Keegan was wonderful throughout the entire transaction. I left feeling that I could return any time and he would answer any questions about the van.  All salespeople say that, few make you believe it. Keegan seems to know everything about the Odyssey, and there are a LOT of button. Brent was very welcoming and friendly. He was also very efficient, so we didn't have to spend a lot of time there. The van was in excellent condition. Clean and polished.

-Maureen L-

Would not shop anywhere else 01/03/2018

This the fourth vehicle we have bought from Dick's dealerships and would not shop anywhere else. It is a pleasure to do business with them. Has far expected our expectations given this is the third CR-V  we have purchased (2 from Campus and 1 from the previous dealership). We were reluctant to let our 2012 go given it's perfect performance but the new generation was hard to resist. We love it. Mike was "up front " and helpfully from day#1. Mike walked us through all the main features in a manner that we enjoyed. Once we arrived at a reasonable and acceptable purchase price with Mike and Dave the General Mgr. we met with Nathalie to conclude the paper work. Nathlie , was very professional and set out the agreement of sale in a manner that made things easy to conclude. Campus staff have always been helpful and the environment is one that is supportive of it's clients.

-William B-

Friendly and helpful 02/26/2018

I highly recommend Campus Honda to my friends. They are awesome, friendly and helpful.

-Tooraj R-

Excellent service 02/19/2018

Excellent service and John Weirs was s superb salesman who knows his product well and truly enjoys sales. Very passionate and easy to get along with!

-Kineret M-

Answered every question we had 02/16/2018

An effort was even made to open the door of the dealership for us. We tried both the civic and cr-v to see which vehicle would be best. Both we ready to go for us to try out. Keegan was very knowledgeable. He answered every question we had. 

Brent explained everything thoroughly from start to the finish and our car was shiny and clean, license plates installed and ready to go.

-Wayne S-

No pressure tactics 02/13/2018

My salesperson Dave did an excellent job, I would recommend him to others if they wanted to go and check out Honda vehicles. Very personable with no pressure tactics.

-Nicole B-

Everyone was so helpful and knowledgeable 02/08/2018

The staff were great, they made everything so easy. Everyone was so helpful and knowledgeable.

-Adam B-

Olaf is a great representative for Honda 02/05/2018

Olaf was accommodating and knowledgeable about every thing I asked The test drive was great and showed all the features. As far as I am concerned he couldn't have done any more to ensure my satisfaction.  All of the other staff I met there made me comfortable and confident I was getting the right vehicle for me. 

I went from a 63 VW but to a Nissan versa to my bestest ever car

-Dorothy H-

Friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable 02/05/2018

Bonus winter floor mats were appreciated and they asked lots of questions to determine our needs.

-Carole D-

Awesome service and excellent vehicles 02/01/2018

Awesome service and excellent vehicles. Kiegan came right over as soon as I walked in. Natalie was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions and Blake was excellent as always. 

-Jesse B-

Not only are the staff at Campus Honda so nice, but they also have this wonderful coffee machine 01/17/2018

My wife and I both love our new CR-V.  Everybody at Campus Honda deserves our thanks for making it an easy and enjoyable experience. Eric our salesperson greeted us in a warm and friendly manner as we perused the used lot.  My wife was immediately impressed because he was not pushy in any way.  He simply offered his help if we had any questions about a particular model we might be interested in.  His product knowledge was excellent across a range of vehicles.  We liked the CR-V, and after a great test drive wherein Eric further explained and demonstrated various safety features and driving attributes of the vehicle, we immediately committed to purchasing our new car.

-Peter Z-

Friendly, knowledgeable staff selling reliable vehicles 01/15/2018

Friendly, knowledgeable staff selling reliable vehicles. I have always had excellent service at Honda. Honda has provided exceptional service over the last 11 years.  This is why I returned to this dealership. Rick and Bob provided excellent service. I am loving my new car.   

-Catherine P-

Highly recommend Mike Smith 01/12/2018

Product is excellent and our salesman is very good.  Highly recommend Mike Smith, does not pressure us to buy. Mike Smith has always treated us well, and is very knowledgeable about the products and understands our needs. Natalie was very professional with the document signing. 

-Glenys P-

Very experienced and articulate 01/10/2018

Very experienced and articulate and also friendly person to work with spending more $$$ after purchasing a new car. Brent was very pleasant to work with. I did not talk about HONDA products a lot, just my inquiry for our needs. Once we identified, he suggested a couple of Honda cars.

-Hye S-

They have good vehicles 01/08/2018

They have good vehicles and it's pretty easy to buy. And the sales people are always nice. Duff was super nice and listened to what I needed and did his best to help me out! Thank-you.

-Melinda S-

Went out of their way to help me 01/08/2018

Professional and easy to work with. Went out of their way to help me.

-Valerie M-

Everyone knew what they were talking about 01/08/2018

Keegan opened the door for us before we even got there with a super friendly greeting and a big smile on his face :) Everyone was very friendly and at the same time professional. Everyone knew what they were talking about! Everyone treated us extremely well and I do mean everyone that we encountered there. Everyone that helped us went out of their way to make sure that things were done the way we wanted them and that we were comfortable. Everyone who worked there from Keegan, to Nathalie to Brent to the Manager (sorry, I forget your name) and the other sales people were all super friendly and helpful. All was explained clearly. I never felt pushed to do anything and he was able to answer any of my questions competently.

Keegan always made himself available when we came in to ask questions or test drive another vehicle. He gave us his personal number so that we could contact him if we had any questions. I did have to call him as I was driving to the ferry and he immediately called back and helped me through the problem I was encountering. He went over all aspects of the two vehicles very thoroughly with both of us and would still ask if we had any other questions. 

When the Manager heard that my daughter no longer had her car to get around while we were waiting for the cars to be ready, he arranged for her to have a brand new Fit to drive for a couple of days until her car was ready to go. Super thoughtful!!

I already recommended Campus to others! We came back to this Honda because we bought an Accord from Campus Honda years ago and were really happy with the experience.

Brent was very thorough with the explanations of what we would be doing and what each form was about.

-Catherine L-

Excellent people 01/05/2018

Excellent people especially rick & Chris,  great vehicle.

-Neil C-

Great upper management 01/05/2018

Very great upper management and very accommodating sales representatives on the floor

-Jeffrey C-

Best car buying experience I have had 01/05/2018

They did a amazing job. Best car buying experience I have had.

-Marc M-

Ask for Rick 01/01/2018

If you're looking for a new Honda stop by Campus Honda, ask for Rick and you'll be will looked after!

-Kevan C-

John, my salesperson, was fantastic 06/05/2017

Everyone on the team to help me go from car-less to car owner was fantastic. As soon as I walked in the door, I was greeted and pointed to the right direction. John, my salesperson, was fantastic. I would recommend him to my friends and family. He was personable, knowledgeable, and was, an overall pleasure, to work with to make this sale happen. Truly, the entire team (Chris - John, Nathalie) all made my first-time car-buying experience very stress free and enjoyable.

-Christina B.-

I was able to "drive" the process. 06/05/2017

Accommodating, didn't overwhelm me with stats, technical and electronic details that I would not understand, but highlighted those that were relevant to my circumstances, and always in layman's terms. I was able to "drive " the process.  A very respectful process on all levels. I was never pressured to make an immediate decision and that may be the deciding factor for me personally. This includes not only the sale of the vehicle but also the follow up administrative communication. I liked that the manager made an appearance as part of the team approach that seems to work well for this dealership.  The employees I had the pleasure to meet and interact with were professional yet friendly and very cognizant of my needs in a vehicle. I have had many compliments on my new 2017 Honda LXHRV and  never hesitate to relay my positive experience.

-Sandra W.-

Prefer to deal with Honda 100% 05/22/2017

I would recommend my salesperson Alex if they were looking for a new/used vehicle and that comparing with my previous experience with Toyota sales/customer service I would prefer to deal with Honda 100%.

-Ekaterina M.-

Rare in commission based service 05/15/2017

Honda works with you to meet your needs, they work with your schedule and time frame.  The representatives of Honda are relaxed and professional and there is a genuineness that is rare in commission based service.

-Norma K.-

Thank you Blake! 05/08/2017

This was my best experience in leasing a vehicle. No pressure and just amazing customer service!

-Francis L.-

Such a great experience 05/08/2017

I have never felt so comfortable buying a car before as I did at Campus Honda.

-Natasha C.-

A great experience 04/28/2017

I think our finance person went above and beyond giving us lots of financial advice and our salesman was great and easy to get of hold of if I had any questions.

-Jennifer C.-

Eric is great! 04/27/2017

Eric is great!! I'd consider him a friend now. He messaged or called me through the whole process giving me updates and filling me in on whats happening. He took the effort to keep in contact and go the extra mile.

Helped me make a great choice! 04/27/2017

Eric not only listened to what I wanted and explained what else fit into my likings, he applied my information into selecting a vehicle.

Never made us feel rushed 04/25/2017

Nathalie Dupuis took the time to explain everything and give practical advice based on her years of experience. She never made us feel rushed.   Of particular value was our discussion of replacement value insurance, warranty and Platinum Shield Protection.

We enjoyed dealing with Duff Kelly 04/25/2017

He took all the time required to show and explain the vehicle and answer any questions. We appreciated his enthusiastic but low pressure approach.  We also appreciated his follow up phone calls.  We would have no hesitation in recommending him to friends and acquaintances.

Focus on customer service 04/10/2017

The company is successful because of its focus on customer service and that is very important to me. I will continue to do business with Campus Honda for years to come because of that service.

-Sharlene R.-

Attention to detail 04/10/2017

The attention to detail with which Aaron helped me understand the features of my new vehicle is in a league of its own.

helpful and knowledgeable 04/03/2017

The staff and managers are all extremely helpful and knowledgeable and go out of their way to make sure you get everything you want without delay.

-Lisa F.-

11 out of 10. Perfect! 03/29/2017

Something that was really impressive and actually helped on the decision on purchasing a Honda, was the way Geofrey (the salesperson) introduced the car, and showed all the features and invited us for a test drive. We had a excellent customer service from him. As I said to him, his attention to us was 11 out of 10. Perfect!

Professional sales approach 03/27/207

Seem to really care about the product. Compared with Toyota (and we currently own 3 Toyotas in the family), the better product, value, deal and sales experience.

-Peter F.-

A treat to meet Joe 03/20/2017

Very professional and well informed. Very affable. A treat to meet Joe. He was very well presented  and delivered on the service throughout the sale. We would be very happy to recommend Joe and Campus to our friends.

Alex understood what we needed and valued our time 03/13/2017

He committed to working out the deal by email and when we picked up the vehicle it was the smoothest transaction ever.

It was a pleasure dealing with Aaron 03/11/2017

He went out of his way to ensure I was happy with my purchase.

I would recommend Honda Campus to my friends 03/08/2017

I must say I was very pleased with all staff involved in the sale, from salesperson, final numbers person, to the actual contract gentleman. They were all so nice friendly, offered coffee, and when I picked up my car, I was treated the same way. My son was one who got me to buy a Honda as he owns one and has assured me that this is how he is still treated when he needs to return there.

Honestly the best car-buying experience either of us have ever had 02/28/2017

There was no high-pressure sales tactics, our salesperson Mike was extremely knowledgable and provided exactly what we needed information and otherwise. The rest of the sales process was extremely painless, and we were offered a great variety of services and features. Additionally, the car is wonderful, and we love it!

The experience was very easy going and fun 02/28/2017

Buying a new car is a very big decision in life, and they made this simple and stress relieving.  I was not pressured at all, and in fact was given opportunities to save money.  Even the part when I transferred the insurance from my old car was awesome.  I ended up saving 20% currently, and retroactively.

-Blake G.-

Impressed with our salesman Alex Du 02/28/2017

I was very impressed with our salesman Alex Du. He played an integral part in our decision to buy from Honda. We liked his friendly and easygoing manner.

Friendly and helpful staff 02/27/2017

Great incentives and great vehicles. The dealership also has reasonable hours allowing someone who works a 9-5 M-F job to get in before they close

-Lyndon L.-

Friendly, helpful, patient 01/24/2017

Bob MacMillan, my salesman, and everyone else with whom I had contact (including the service department, and another salesman who was happy to provide information when Bob was not available), was friendly, helpful, patient, and interested in helping me make the choice I'd ultimately be happy with.

-Cynthia W.-

Very professional 01/14/2017

Friendly staff who are committed to find you the best fit.  They are very knowledgeable and able to share that information in a way that is accessible regardless of your knowledge of cars.  They will go out of there way to find you the right car for you.  See Bob because he is great.

Bob McMillan was an amazing sales rep for Honda 09/01/2017

Very personable and I feel I can go back to him anytime for further help with all "the  bells and whistles" on my new vehicle.

That my experience with them was excellent 01/04/2017

Both my husband and I were impressed with everyone we dealt with at the dealership.  Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating.  We would recommend them without hesitation.

Our salesperson was fantastic 01/04/2017

He wasn't pushy at all which is something I've experience before but was genuine, friendly and knowledgeable.  Would have no hesitation in recommending him to family and friends.